As the war in Ukraine continues, many of us around the world wonder how we can show our support for the people of Ukraine.  If that's you, then I encourage you to check out Strix Instruments.  They are a collective of media makers in Kyiv, run by founder and CEO Vlad Savin.  Not only does 100% of the proceeds help the Ukrainian army, but the sonic textures add depth and beauty to your compositions.  Please consider supporting them.  

Please click here to visit Strix Instruments and support Ukraine. 100% of the funds go to help the Ukrainian army.


Here's a glimpse at some of my current work in the studio and in synch. 


So proud to have my work included in this case study for the NFL's "Football is For Everyone" advertising campaign.  This was a piece that I composed for Howling Music.  The work they put out for this series of adverts and case studies was incredible, and important. The final NFL ad placed second in Ad Age's 30 Best Ads of 2021.  Please have a watch and listen to this case study and the impactful final NFL ad.  And please consider supporting     The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization helping LGBTQ young people.

A Merry Little Christmas

A Merry Little Christmas

Relax by the fire with the ones you love, and enjoy listening to this laid-back, simple jazz interpretation of a Christmas classic.  Music penned by Hugh Martin in 1943, this classic endures.  So add this to your holiday playlist, and enjoy the holidays with the friends and family who are dear to you.  

Les Trois Vies de Marie-Laure

Les Trois Vies de Marie-Laure

A  simple piano composition reminiscent of the early 1900's French classical style, inspired by classical composers of the era.  Now on Spotify and everywhere music is streamed or sold.

Current Projects

Afternoons after school as a boy would find me at the piano.  Teaching myself to connect one note to the next and shape simple melodies.  Raising the lid and plucking the strings.  Listening to the tones reverberate and then decay until they disappeared.  It was like magic.  

For my third project offering, I wanted to return to those early roots.  This EP project, titled simply "3",  is comprised of 3 songs written with the theme of 3 in the structure - 3/4 time, 12/8 time, three-act structure, ...  Composed for piano and inspired by some of the classical composers whom I deeply regard. 

I can't wait for you to hear it.

Coming  Spring 2022.

From Past Projects

A sampling of compositions from past projects.  Ranging from solo piano to full orchestral to film score, I hope you enjoy.

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Brought up in a small village in the Midwest, pianist and composer Jonathan Grow began picking apart songs from the radio, teaching himself the piano, and telling his own stories through song at the age of eleven.

Raised in choirs and live performance, he continued singing and writing throughout his time at university. He worked as a staff writer, session vocalist, background vocalist, and pianist after moving to Nashville in 1996. Since then, his work has been recorded and performed in venues ranging from liturgical settings to arenas, and published in choral songbooks.

Always striving to bring the melodic stories that he has heard in his head and heart to life, he continues to study and practice the art of orchestral composition, inspired by film composers like Thomas Newman, Alan Silvestri, Dario Marianelli, classical composers such as Edward Elgar and Claude Debussy, as well as numerous other influences.

In 2019, he began work in production music and composition for tv/film and advertising. He released his first solo project, Begin, as an orchestral composer in 2020. His newest project, Stories About Her, released in September 2021.

He is currently working on a piano project for release in early 2022.

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