Brought up in a small village in the Midwest, pianist and composer Jonathan Grow began picking apart songs from the radio, teaching himself the piano, and telling his own stories through song at the age of eleven.

Raised in choirs and live performance, he continued singing and writing throughout his time at university. He worked as a staff writer, session vocalist, background vocalist, and pianist after moving to Nashville in 1996. Since then, his work has been recorded and performed in venues ranging from liturgical settings to arenas, and published in choral songbooks.

Always striving to bring the melodic stories that he has heard in his head and heart to life, he continues to study and practice the art of orchestral composition, inspired by film composers like Thomas Newman, Alan Silvestri, Dario Marianelli, classical composers such as Edward Elgar and Claude Debussy, as well as numerous other influences.

In 2019, he began work in production music and composition for tv/film and advertising. He released his first solo project, Begin, as an orchestral composer in 2020. His newest project, 3, released in March 2024.

He is currently working on a Light Orchestral Drama project for tv/film.

He lives near Nashville where he does additional work for the Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL) and serves on the steering committee for SCL Nashville.  He chairs the Seminar Committee for the SCL Nashville.